We all have different perspectives. Our approach and services adapt to fit the task as we fully understand that environments are technically similar, organisations are alike, standards are interpreted but all can differ substantially in how they are used, perceived and integrated.


Limelogic can contribute to your Biometrics projects as a valuable resource, whether leading effort, supporting with specific skills or as a mentor.

  • Biostatistics
  • Statistical Programming
  • Data Management
  • Submission teams

Our experience across many domains, therapeutic areas, phases, study designs and submissions that pre-dates and spans across the CDISC standards allows us to contribute in many different forms – from interim Team Managers to subject matter experts and general programming resources.


Our teams experience with business processes and the design, development, deployment, testing, validation and migration for different analysis environments is a big part of the knowledge we can share with your project.

  • Project Management
  • Standards and Processes
  • Design
  • Application Development
  • Library Development
  • Testing and Validation
  • Support

Building Teams

We realise that knowledge needs to remain with you, your internal resources and partners. We therefore offer the opportunity to establish entire teams that fit your business requirements, objectives and future strategy.

Our experience will contribute to your effort to recruit the necessary skilled resources and, as necessary, develop and establish business processes, skills training and analysis tools.

Limelogic begins as a Functional Service Provider (FSP), deliver and leave you with a fully qualified and functioning internal team with the necessary leadership, experience, skills and tools.

We have long experience within the Life Science industry and analysis environments to realise the right question at the right time deliver the best results in a significant shorter time.

Limelogic also spends a significant amount on research and development to improve our understanding of existing tools or developing new processes, approaches, interfaces and applications to make the Life Science process more efficient and less complex.