Limelogic solutions are applications that provide simple access to features without the complexity and cost, whether it is simply to keep track and collaborate, a data repository or a repository for your data set files, programs, logs, outputs and other deliverables.

The aim is to deliver simple solution to small and large organisations alike that contribute to a flexible, compliant and efficient process.

  • Advanced set of features beyond simply storing content
  • Business driven flexible standards
  • Plan, track and report progress using customizable workflows
  • Simple access through a Web interface or via common industry tools
  • Integrates with your existing analysis environment – no need to migrate

Our solutions will by design work with your existing analysis tools, whether it is SAS or R on a PC, server, or integrated with large enterprise deployments.

Each individual solution is also designed to be used within and meet the compliance and regulatory requirements Life Science industry.


ThinCX is a simple solution to track and collaborate with teams and sponsors.

ThindCX includes many features that simplifies collaboration and the sharing of information, from planning individual tasks, tracking issues to the integrated workflow that can be customised to fit your business process.

  • Create a plan, put it in action and track progress
  • Create specifications for data sets and outputs
  • Use comments and notes to simplify review
  • Create and customize workflows to fit your business process and deliverables
  • Use dependencies to keep status of deliverables up-to-date
  • Simple what-if-I-do-this and impact analysis

ThinCX integrates with git, Bitbucket, Subversion and many other code repositories to track dependencies between your repository content and the plan for tasks and deliverables.


ThinDR is a simple data repository to store, access and search your clinical data in one single location through the Web interface or the simple SAS and R libraries.

  • Advanced set of features beyond simply storing content – version control, transactions, views, snapshots and audit history
  • Business driven flexible standards – use legacy, CDISC and other data standards concurrently
  • Simple metadata library
  • Plan, track and report progress using customizable workflows
  • Access through the Web interface or via simple SAS macros, R functions or via the RESTful API
  • Integrates with your existing analysis environment – no need to migrate
  • Deploy on premise in your data center or hosted in the cloud

cx Library

cxLIB is based on a collection of tools and utilities we have amassed over the last 20 years (no kidding) that we find useful, we maintain and feel like sharing.

The library is organised into many small simple tools that are flexible and will save time and effort so you can focus on the task at hand.

  • Library management
  • Session management
  • Programming utilities
  • Process and automation
  • Simple test framework

cxLIB is intially available for both SAS and R. The cxLIB libraries are being rewritten from scratch to make use of the latest features, functions and methods.

If you do have an idea or are looking for anything specific, let us know as we are always ready for a challenge.

What …

if we are not in the Life Science industry? Limelogic solutions are internally very generic, with the possible exception of ThinDR, that do not contain any business logic specific to Life Sciences, their processes and standards.

Reach out to us as we are always up for a challenge.